Nude & Turquoise One Piece Thong

stripper outfits
$79 authentic crystals. Nude high end quality nylon spandex mesh.

Custom order this now by msg.

or contact me at by “contact seller” tab on home page.  Some browsers don’t show the site even with encryption SSL cert.  The big dogs are making it very hard on the little guys online.

I did not design this particular outfit.  I saw it on the internet as “unavailable anywhere”.  So I am re-creating it my way.  It will have unique upgrades to the design.  Better spandex than shown here for the trim.  Authentic crystal iridescent, & mesh that is 4 ways stretch.  It will be available in any two colors.  Trim & Main colors.  Black w/Turquoise would be nice too.  Or nude with purple trim.  You decide the colors!

Hand made, see thru, real crystals iridescent, four-way stretch nylon spandex high quality swimwear fabric.

Some mesh fabrics have very little stretch and are thin.  I don’t work with shotty fabric.  I buy the best.  For instance Joanne fabrics has Yaya Han quality spandex but heir stock swimwear fabric and mesh is below my standards.

I use 6.6oz per square foot weight.  Not too heavy like jogging pants would be out of super thick spandex with nearly double the weight per square foot.  So the price on this new design will be around $75-$79 once I get the listing set up at

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